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I'm Lorraine, a Londoner on the 20/30s boundary. As with many other Londoners, I spend significant amounts of my time on one of these:

...which I don't mind, because my commute (45 minutes each way, every day) is where most of my reading gets done. At the office, I love nothing more than a good chat about what I'm reading and sharing recommendations, which was the inspiration for this blog.

Let's face it, rush hour is pretty miserable. Grumpy passengers, the battle for seats, sweaty, overcrowded trains...that's why the rush hour read is so important to me. If a book hits the right spot, I can be transported to another place, miles away from the daily grind of office life and travel woes. A dull read on a dull journey can make a grey London morning even more gloomy.

Although a Tube book needs to be easy to read, I also want it to make me think. I'm afraid that's why chicklit doesn't really do it for me. I love stories that reflect the human experience, but also have something to say about it. I generally shy away from fantasy and sci-fi but always have an open mind. I like to read new writers and am keen to support independent publishers.

I'm open to suggestions for new reading material (and will be honest in my views), so if you'd like to get in touch please drop me an email:


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Happy reading!


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  1. I bike to school most morning so audiobooks have become my best friends. Commutes have always been an awesome excuse to read, kills two birds with one stone :)


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